We are Melinte and Sarah, two young ladies from the North of Holland, a town called Groningen. We’ve been close friends since high-school, then ventured out into the world as young models, exploring Paris and Milan.

We were young, it was fun, it was adventure, it was a crazy industry and we always had each others back. As you might have guessed, it wasn’t always a world that aligned with our soul’s purpose, yet sometimes one needs to feel the superficial to be triggered on a quest for depth..

Melinte was drawn by the UK, whilst Sarah kept traveling, eventually ending up in Amsterdam.

Although often being oceans apart, we would stay close by our curiosity for life, which guided us to a very connected spiritual path. We would walk in each other’s footsteps by taking part in silent retreats, working with plant medicine, breath workshops, healthy cooking etc. We would always give immense support by updating each other on our soul’s development.

With all the practices and teachings we learned, we separately organized evening ceremonies around the phases of the moon for about two years.

When Melinte received an inconvenient curveball of cervical cancer last year, it became clear for her to leave city-live behind and fully commit to the healing life in Cornwall; a green oasis by the sea.

Finding herself in this scary situation became the inspiration to assemble a whole weekend in the name of healing. Melinte asked Sarah to hold the space with her. 

At last, the universe put us back together and we created something so magically empowering that we realised we are true witches. In and out, through and through. (Which makes total sense, because we also have a mole on the exact same place on our chin.) A witch is a woman – connected to Mother Nature and the divine within herself and all around - in her full power and that has been the driving force behind our searching journey. 

But more importantly we realized our shared calling to encourage other women to stand in their power. And so, Cor Club was born. 

Cor being the origin of the word courage, beautifully described by Brené Brown as “to speak ones mind by telling all one’s heart”. This sentiment has always been the foundation of our friendship & the root of our self-study.

The hectic world and the predator of the mind can block us from our true empowered self. 

Therefore, we recognize the healing potency of coming together and doing sacred work to transform the parts in us where we are keeping ourselves small and re-embody and connect to our innate authentic and Devine Feminine power. 

Our practices are based in Mediation, Yoga, Reiki, Manifestation, Dance, Plant Medicine and Breath Work.

As well as witches we are both artists. 

Sarah being particularly talented at poetry, painting, and cooking. She is still modeling around the world, but is often found in her painting studio. At the moment she is also developing her cookbook, which recipes you’ll be digging into on the retreat! Yoga and music are assets she uses to help her stay connected to the core of herself, which is all.

Melinte has a love for film, she made an award winning documentary about Lucy, a heartfelt transgender story set in London. When she isn’t assisting her boyfriend on photo shoots around the world she is loving her new pace of life in the country side, which allows time to find the creativity within each day, as well as reading, writing and researching for Cor Club.