I will never make myself small again...

A while ago I wrote a little poem:


‘I will never

make myself smaller,

ever again,

for someone else’s 



And I find I have to keep going back to this mantra, again and again and again. 

Making yourself smaller for someone else’s comfort is such a tricky, sneaky little one. 

I used to do so to fit a lover’s needs. Now I notice it in how much I show of myself when people skeptically inquire about my spiritual journey or when, last week, someone pointed out if it’s not ‘a bit much’ that I’m modeling, working on a cooking book, working as an artist and co-running Cor.

F*ck that. 

I can. 

I can, because I do them wholeheartedly. 

I can, because my purpose is to transform things I encounter through my creativity. 

I can, because my purpose is to let what inspires and teaches me touch other people.

When I’m not living up to my purpose, I am not honoring what I came here on earth to do. 

Me not claiming my power harms not only me, but everyone around me. Because when my heart is full and my energy Beaming, I can fully share my gifts with the world. .

This means facing my shyness, giving myself a kick in the butt sometimes. This means some people may like it and others may not. It may mean being celebrated And judged.

I by no means encourage you to be bitchy, but it might very possibly include making others feel uncomfortable.

Embracing your innate power and sharing your FULLNESS with the world may be intimidating for certain people, but this is non of your business. Your business is to trust your path and stay focused! The people who are meant to be on your path will be drawn to you magnetically!

I’d like to add ‘or for my Own comfort’ to this little poem as well. .


When I avoid standing in my full power

When I pretend I am less then I am

When I don’t love the whole of my body

When I don’t use my voice to speak my truth

I am not serving anyone.

Not the world, the animals, nature

and mostly not, myself.


Where are You keeping yourself small? Where are you putting ‘yeah, but’s’ in your thoughts?

These are the type of questions we Love to dissect at Cor. Digging into, till we get to the Cor of them.. all the way till there’s nothing left.