This shot was taken by our very own Jess during the Ecstatic Dance workshop at our last retreat in Devon, UK.

At Cor, we believe in the power of dance, of movement, of embodiment. 

Ecstatic dance, like Embodiment Breath-work, is an EMBODIED workshop. 

Sure, we all need a seated practice to focus the mind. A more ‘manly’, structured practice to calm that nutty monkey mind of ours..

It’s so very important! 

But, spirituality is not only about being zen and calm. It’s also about EMBODIMENT! A letting gooooo of the mind. Letting your body show you the way. Letting your body tell you what it wants to let go of. 

Peeling of those layers of politeness, those little masks we’ve adopted along the course of our lives..

It’s the body that connects to the soul, not the intellect.

Here, we’re letting go of the mind, going into the heart, into the body, where our soul resides.

How freeing it is to trust the body!

To listen to the wisdom of the heart!

Below a little paragraph on ecstatic dance from the book - Psychedelic Mysteries of the Feminine.

 “We learn how to get out from the cultural spells cast by patriarchy and the unconscious self-doubt and fears they have sown into us. Many woman have a hard time relaxing into sacred dance because the external gaze weighs on them so heavily. 

This is why ecstatic dance is one of the pathways for releasing old wounds. 

This form of dance is a way of praying with the body; transforming ourselves on material as well as psychic levels.

We can do this alone and in community. It is a powerful way to uncover our authentic essence and to live it fully. 

In this we break free of social conditioning to reclaim our wildness and oldness of spirit. “

We can’t wait to dance with the mysterious goddesses who will form our next Cor Circle to the point of forgetting who we are and become wild with divinity together. We dance and we shed till we are free again.

Dance from your toes

Your grounding

Dances from your hips

Your sensuality

Dance from your belly

Your softness

Dance from your heart

Your fire

Dance from your fingertips

Your reaching out

Dance from your head

Your letting go