A word we so often hear. 

Someone’s energy, feeling energy, connecting to energy.. But what is this energy and how do we relate to it?

I just finished reading The Celestine Prophecy; an adventure story that takes you on a quest to find an ancient Peruvian manuscript that holds very powerful spiritual insights.

All the insights are related to ENERGY and it describes how the human world is a vast competition for energy and thus power.

“This is what human conflict has always been about, at every level from all petty conflict in families and employment settings to wars between nations. It’s the result of feeling insecure and weak and having to steal someone’s energy to feel okay. When we get others to agree to our view, they identify with us and that pulls their energy into us and we feel stronger. So the problem is that everyone is trying to control and manipulate each other for energy, because we feel short of it.”

So we are stuck in this COMPETITION for each other’s energy. Not a good situation..

But there is a solution, another source of energy! A HIGHER SOURCE. A type of energy that lacks any kind of competition, a kind of energy that is always there for us to tap into, at any given time. A sort of energy that always is and never diminishes. ⠀⠀

We can transcend this conflict by transforming our understanding of ENERGY within the physical universe.

Can you make yourself feel full again instead of turning to your boyfriend for attention?

Can you dance, breathe, feel, sit and sing through a moment of dispair?

Can you ask the Universe to guide your heart when your brain is aching for a quick answer?

Can you trust life’s path, surrendering to it’s ups and downs?

Can you lay on the floor, arms wide, eyes closed, opening up to whatever guidance you’re receiving? ⠀⠀

Can you love again and again and again, knowing that beyond the pain, there’s always more love to love?

Can you feel the gift of nature, it’s purity and limitless ability to heal and remind you of the GREAT BEAUTY that’s all around you?


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