Femine embodiment: breathwork .

This practice, as apposed to silent meditation, is embodied. .

Both practices will silence the mind; one is the focusing of the mind to let the voice of the soul come through and the other the letting go of the mind, into the body, to awaken your raw essence. .

Here, you can take of your mask, go through the bullshit and into that raw diamond heart of yours. .

We will be connecting to our ‘Kali’ energy. Kali is the Hindu goddess who was at the beginning of creation. She is the embodiment of feminine energy, creativity and fertility. (In Hawaiian mythology, she is ‘Pele’; goddess of fire and volcano’s and creator of the islands.) She’s often seen as the ‘divine mother’ and depicted as a killer of the ego, a protector of the non-illusory self. .

I feel Kali energy when I roar on the inside, then my wild but kind female shines through. You are part of ‘Kali’ energy. .

For thousands of years, men have been intimidated by the power of the feminine fire/creativity. It’s been sold, suppressed, squashed for so many years. .

It’s time for the feminine. We are the generations who are blessed with the freedom of expression. To be who we truly and wholeheartedly are. It. Is. Time! But it has to roar first before it can be calmer.

That said, feminine fire is also for the men among us. In fact, many men could use the opening of their (be it smaller) feminine fire. . 

Embodiment practice brings you back to that innate intuition of yours. As apposed to outwards, we start looking internally for answers.

Your body knows. And it’s all available to you. It wants you to know you deeply, through its profound wisdom and power. .

Dance closely to yourself. Your body is your vehicle. Get to know it, embrace it, celebrate it. You are your own healer.