How the re-emerging of the Feminine benefits ALL of humanity

This article is consisted of quotes by our favourite book; Psychedelic Mysteries of the Feminine. Written by Maria Papaspyrou

There has been a lot of talk about the return of the Divine Feminine. I’ve been getting the same question over and over again; what does the (return of the) Divine Feminine actually stand for?

Our world is a polarity world. There’s no dark without light, no cold without warm, no down without up, no MASCULINE without FEMININE.
In a perfect world, we would live in a harmonious state between feminine and masculine energy.

The return of the Divine Feminine is essentially a new mythology for challenging the existing patriarchal structures and for the expanding of our consciousness.
It speaks of a change in our attitude toward nature, out planet and our bodies.
To release the Goddess is to cultivate a relationship to the deep cosmic source of our psychic lives and come to care for all creation.

Definitions of the feminine and masculine

Wait, refresh my memory; what defines as masculine and what as feminine energy?
Just to clarify; masculine energy is Very different from toxic masculinity.

Toxic masculinity holds cultural norms that are associated with harm to society and to men themselves. Traditional stereotypes of men as socially dominant, along with related traits such as misogyny and homophobia, can be considered "toxic" due in part to their promotion of violence, including sexual assault and domestic violence.
The socialization of boys often normalizes violence, such as in the saying "boys will be boys" with regard to bullying and aggression.

Self-reliance and emotional repression go hand in hand with increased psychological problems in men such as depression, increased stress, and substance abuse

Healthy masculinity, on the other hand, means being honest with oneself about your own feelings, needs and desires. It also means treating all others with the kindness and respect that they deserve. Healthy masculinity means not using your size, strength, or power to get what you want from others.

OK, now that’s clarified, let’s continue with what feminine and masculine energy stand for.

The masculine in found in clarity, direction, consciousness, purpose, trustworthiness, presence, stability, calm, depth, leadership, structure, awareness.

The feminine exists in energy, intuition, creation, heart, love, playfulness, grief, invitation, rage, sexuality, nurturing, pleasure, feeling, chaos.

The true essence of the feminine is not bound by rules or order. She exists in a freedom that is full of potential. Doesn’t that sound exciting?
Perhaps scary to others.. hence why she’s been suppressed for thousands of years!

Embracing chaos

In our patriarchal society, we relate to chaos as a state of disintegration, rather than a state of transformation. We have failed to acknowledge the inherent order it contains because its nature is creative rather than linear – it is not to be imposed, it is to EMERGE.

Altered states of consciousness (be it psychedelic journeys, drumming circles, embodiment breath-work) embrace chaos and its transformative potential and teach us it is a valued state in our process; we are taken apart and then put back together. Chaos gives birth to a new order that is of greater complexity than before, a step further in our evolutionary journey.
In order to gain LIFE, we have to make space by the destruction of life that no longer serves us, where the ego will take a little beating.
Destruction that is in service to life, gives creation. (Anyone familiar with the goddess Kali; this is where she loooves doing her ego-death work!)

Patriarchy has also been in conflict with psychedelics. It has traditionally favored substances that maintain boundaries, create a mindless state, and support the status quo. States of altered consciousness deliver us to the land of ambiguity, helping us question what it all means and why things are as they are.
Feminine consciousness, when intermingled with psychedelic knowledge, carries and reveals the essence of inclusivity, interconnectedness and balance.

We have been scared into fearing the expansion of our very own consciousness; our birthright and portal to growth.

The Place Beyond

In our Western world, we focus on language, which is the ordered and rational container of experience – a masculine principle. The realms beyond that space belong to the feminine, and there we meet that which is beyond words.
The worlds we hold the feminine in, control her essence and energies.
By holding the feminine in words like irrational, emotional, hysterical, subjective and chaotic, we have linked her with energies that our societies have always feared and tried to control. However, the word feminine refers to the soul. It is a reference to the cosmic thread that connects us to each other and to the rest of creation. It acknowledges our interconnectedness and place within a cosmic sacred order, linking us to life and the Divine.

Feminine Knowing is intuitive, nonlinear and informed by the creative source. Our culture may have neglected and avoided this deep knowledge, but this intelligence of the invisible has never left us.

The Feminine is all of us

Patriarchy is a paranoid state of consciousness that tries to suppress any potential for power or anything that threatens its structures. It has actively waged a war against both the feminine and altered stated of consciousness.
It’s a power system that breeds unjust hierarchical power relations, teaching us that our value as a person is linked to our position in its structures. We adopt its worldview, wear our weapons and come to believe that we actually are what we appear to be.
Today’s patriarchy’s attack on the feminine is a collective responsibility. We are part of a culture that attacks nature and the feminine in all of us.

We all have to delve deep within ourselves and recognize where we have played our part in her oppression and betrayed her essence. In our masculine culture we have lost our knowledge and connection to her ancient mystery traditions and have denied her wisdom in the rational and scientific world we have created and surrounded ourselves with.
By dissecting the essence of the feminine and throwing its essential elemental patterns away, we have deprived ourselves of the potential of connecting with the feminine wholeness; the unifying principle of creation.

Men have also been wounded and alienated from patriarchy’s attacks on the feminine. The devaluing of the feminine has damaged the feminine within men, because we all hold a part of that archetype within our psychic depths. Patriarchy has also alienated men from the feminine outside themselves, by splitting them between their need to idealize the feminine and their fearful need to dominate and control her.

The Feminine and the Masculine in our world are out of balance. Re-balancing their polarities doesn’t only benefit women; it benefits All of us. We are all made out of feminine and masculine energy and will all profit from choosing the role that fits us Naturally, not obligatory.

Being a feminist in this realm therefore carries a different meaning; it means acknowledging a dis-balance in all of us. It recognizes the suppression of the feminine as a spiritual issue we must all face.

Like Brene Brown said; 'we can’t fix a species that’s – perhaps forgotten- spiritual at it’s core, with political or economical solutions.'
A world that is not connected to the soul can not heal.

Where in your life have you adopted unhealthy, toxic masculine or feminine traits? Watch closely, most unbalances lie in the more subtle matters.

We all hold each other within ourselves.

Love, Cor