The Illusion of Identity

We’re often taught that if we build strong identities and work hard, we’ll be successful in life, that that’s the key!
More and more, I witness this being an illusion. People strive to feel self-confident through their last name, their diplomas, their status, their friends, their achievements, their nationality, their children, their lovers..
When asked Who They Are, they’ll answer; my name is so and so, my parents are so and so, I studied this and now I’m working here. And my dog’s name is Wodan.
I once asked someone what he thought was behind identity and he replied; ‘nothing.’
When he returned the question, I answered: ‘everything.’
I ask you to close your eyes for a moment, take a deep breath and feel the part of you that’s timeless, limitless. The part that Is and always will be.
Just being open to it often makes it easy to feel that part of yourself. But so many people aren’t open to receive, open to see! They’re addicted to thinking, addicted to the rational mind, to the intellect. So used to being in control of their lives, under the illusion that all is separate and what is YOU as identity has to be the director of your life.
That success lies in achievements and material possessions. But this kind of success will never satisfy, never end, never stop. It’s a trap.
What would your life look like if you’d see that Success only lies in the Quality of your Attention at any given moment. Think about it. What would your experience of this moment be? How would it change your outlook on life?
Isn’t that the ultimate success?
Wouldn’t that be a relieve?
And wouldn’t it also be a relieve to experience identity merely as a way to play the game of this world, as apposed to something solid, unchangeable?
Simply a tool to use to your liking, as apposed to Who You Are?
It may seem scary in the beginning to initiate the change, because you’re so used to your idea of the value of your identity. You’ve been taught that is what you are and what you’ll be opening up to is the Unknown. And as beautiful as that space may be, you’ll also have to face your illusions, meet your shadows.
I won’t tell you that it’s easy, I won’t tell you it isn’t hard. But I will tell you this; if these words somehow resonate to some part of your being, it’s the best journey you’ll ever take. Take a step, just a step in the direction of opening up. Take a step by deciding to be open to receive.
And once you start waving goodbye to the idea of your identity, you’ll see that you don’t have to do it all by yourself, that you Can’t do it all yourself. That SPIRIT works through you, that you are carried.
Or like Terrence McKenna pointed out so neatly;
“Nature loves CORage, it will lift you up... Hurl yourself into the abyss and discover it’s a feather bed.”