The Masculine and The Feminine; it’s all in you

There’s much talk about The Masculine, about The Feminine.
There might also not be a topic with so much misconception.
So I figured it would be a nice and juicy topic to write about..
When asked what The Feminine stands for, many answer; soft, flowery, sweet.
When asked what The Masculine stands for; muscly, not vulnerable, tough.
What a small minded way of looking at this beautiful polarity in the world! Don’t we owe it to ourselves as a species to further investigate this topic?
Which parts of you actually are masculine? Which are feminine? Which are masculine by choice and which have you adopted?
To start with one clarification; we All have The Feminine in us and we All house The Masculine aspect too. The balance of this polarity is different for each and every one of us. Our quest is to find the balance that is just right, for us.
To give you an idea about the feminine and masculine energies:
The Feminine is all the feelings, the Energy, creation, heart.
The Masculine is structure, consciousness, clarity, purpose..
I, for instance, am a very feminine woman in spirit and in my sexuality. Yet my emotional body can be quite masculine. Even though I’m very sensitive, I tend to weigh out what’s wisest to do instead of acting from emotion, I can have a focused/structured mind when I have my eyes on something and I tend to want to always solve things myself. All in all, I’m pretty happy with this package, yet there were aspects I had to work on to balance out.
My natural tendency to lead and be independent and not always express my vulnerability have made people (men, mostly..) feel as if they didn’t know how to get close to me, not knowing how to lead me. I've had some very tough nights on Ayahuasca to cut the stubborn cords in the linage of women in my family in order to let go of the ‘I can do anything myself and am always strong’ kinda vibe. It helped me get to a more surrendering, softer part of myself.
Now, I’ll always be a fiery one and that’s totally fine. Just, ‘adjusting’ my masculine/feminine ratio has truly helped me feel more like myself and let people feel me more.
Which parts if you need some sweet and juicy adjusting?
Rebalancing yin/yang 

My guess is it will be healthy for the planet and it’s people to adopt about 90% more ‘feminine’ aspects then there will be more masculinity to add. Why is this ratio still so out of balance?
For thousands of years, men have been intimidated by the power of The Feminine fire/creativity. They’ve been afraid of the strength of The Feminine energy, overwhelmed by the chaos it can bring, the feelings it may arise.
It’s been sold, suppressed, squashed for so many years!

That’s why it’s time for The Feminine. We are the generations who are blessed with the freedom of expression. To be who we truly and wholeheartedly are. It. Is. Time! But it has to roar first before it can be calmer.
That said, feminine fire is also for the men among us. In fact, many men could use the opening of their (be it smaller) feminine fire.
What does it mean to fully embody the Divine Feminine in this sleeping world?
It means being unafraid to feel the depth of rage in a world that has told you to keep sweet and quiet and neat and tidy.
It means following your fierce reactions to be fuel for change on the planet, fuel for the awakening of all.
It means letting your light shine bright even if it may temporarily sting someone else’s eyes.
It means feeling the depth of your joy even when it hurts to let love in.
It means being raw and real and getting uncomfortable.
It means being “too much.”
Too sensitive
Too beautiful
Too fiery
Too sexy
Too dreamy
Too different
This is the healing process; the glorious purification process.
We came to wake up
Open up
and re-wild ourselves. To be that which WE ALREADY ARE
under the 2500 years of patriarchal pain and conditioning.
We are here to experience LOVE and JOY in our BODY, using our body as a sacred temple, our vehicle for magic and change in the world. 
We are here to open the lit to our limitless creative potential
We are here to feel the love in our heart, again and again and again
We are here to embrace our wild fire
We are here to rebalance The Masculine and The Feminine
It is the task for both men and women to create this change. At Cor, we are dedicated to guiding you into a less mind-controlled, more heart-felt version of yourself.
Are you joining us in the revolution of The Feminine?