I have so much to be greatful for, having being able to experience a Cor Club retreat. It has brought me back into contact with my honest and raw self, the person I loved being but for so long felt disconnected from and ashamed to be. Through a process of working out what has been holding me back, I have been able to come back to myself. It has planted a seed and now feel empowered in holding my own space, of which is truly refreshing to say! Mel and Sarah, I thank and appreciate your gracious, boundless, firey souls for the support you give to women and enabling this special space to be held, for all of the beautiful women I met on the retreat and all of the women of the future. Everything you do comes from a place of authenticity and care and on the retreat you really feel that.

Olivia, U.K.

The retreat exceeded my expectations by far! The amazing location we stayed at, a magical French villa with a lush garden made me feel like the Goddess I experienced I am during the retreat. It was special to be in a circle of women, a safe zone, all these women were so brave and I feel blessed to have bonded with each one of them. Sarah and Melinte's workshop all contributed to more insight into who I am. That it's okay to feel what I feel. I really enjoyed the 'Kali'/strong female energy, I felt I needed to connect with this energy. Being a sweet and gentle woman, but for sure also powerful and fiery. And the food.... I dream of the taste of that almond butter and can't wait for the Cor Club Cookbook!!! Thank you Sarah and Melinte, for being the beautiful women that you are - it is inspiring!

Benthe, Netherlands

Wow. Amazing weekend.. I think I have already expressed its impact. Though I could continue to do so for years and years and years in countless ways!

I've been on numerous retreats of all flavours for about 20 years now, all of which have offered exactly what I needed at the time. The Cor club retreat offered an entirely different menu - a softer, more luxe, feminine experience. It felt like a perfect blend of inviting courage and treading softly.

  • It really worked that you both hung out with us, that the hierarchy was removed.

  • It really worked that your mums were there, the matriach. That was a brave and generous mirror to offer us.

  • It really worked that it wasn't man-bashing - never a useful way of progressing and evolving.

  • The food was exceptional. Nothing has tasted quite as good since.

  • The house was ridiculously beautiful and encouraged deep rest.

  • The love and respect between you both as leaders and friends was delicious

  • Romy... wow. such a generous soul and gifted yoga teacher. I felt VERY lucky to share a room with her and get to know her, learn from her.

You have a lot to be proud of ! Like the aftershocks of an earthquake, all the discoveries will resonate deep within our souls.

Polly, U.K.

After the incredible retreat I was immediately absorbed into the whirling maelstrom of everyday life. There were deadlines for proposals, essays and lectures that had to be written, workshops, colloquia and so on. Despite all, this the Cor-feeling hasn't left me yet, thanks to the Goddesses. This feeling of unconditional acceptance, community, sisterhood, mutual support, strength, fierce beauty, creativity, (self-)love, authenticity, boundlessness and much much more.
Right now I am at a conference where I (once again) feel the negative sides of some women's groups: envy, disconnectedness and (probably therefore) dissatisfaction, pride, power games, unhealed wounds, adaptations to the male system and sometimes just helplessness. It makes me sad and angry (yes, I learn to discover this feeling - today in the sauna I could feel it really well ;-) ) to see my sisters fighting so dissatisfied and ignorant and hurting each other. Then I often don't know how to behave wisest and just wish to go back to my dreamland in Provence.
It was a dream - that came true! In just 4 days I have never learned and (re)discovered so much and felt so deeply! I never have been so relaxed and rejuvenated after a holiday. I told everybody I was high on Zen, but actually I was high on Cor ;-)!
I don't think I can really estimate how far the changes will go at the moment. Especially the breath work had an incredibly strong effect on me, even bodily. The first period I had after the retreat was as smooth and pleasant as never before and even on the first day I had extremely heightened senses and I could smell and hear like a wolf. If you give breath work courses somewhere in the Netherlands in between, I would definitely be there.
Definitely, Cor is not only one more retreat! It’s so much more! It’s an answer and maybe the solution to many pressing questions. May it grow and reach out to all the women who need it and dare to think and act freely and bravely.
Thanks for everything - you're the best!

Carola, Switzerland

My intentions to go to COR club where to give myself this as a present after a difficult time. (Divorce) and to bring more healthy habits into my life...

And this is what it gave me..

  • A wonderful time at the location

  • the pleasure of company with the beautiful souls which were present

  • loved the silent mornings

  • Delicious and healthy food

  • Laughed and had fun

  • Confronted with myself (but positive)

  • Felt save (very important for me)

  • Now, after a few weeks, I still eat healthy and quit my daily wines (who could ever imagine that)

  • In peace with myself and with good energy.

  • So I recommend this present to yourself deeply.

  • Sarah and Melinte are a perfect match.

  • They created a mix and variety of workshops whom playfully guide you through the days

Lydia, Netherlands

Cor Club helped me find my fire! The retreat in the beautiful countryside of Devon was amazing. The workshops have given me more selflove, strength, feels, drive, compassion, but most of all FIRE. All of this in just one weekend. The food was so tasty, and healthy.. The farm peaceful and the area so green and lush. My body and mind felt healed after the retreat. Thank you lovely ladies!

Lian, The Netherlands

In June my daughter Sarah showed me some awesome pictures of a beautiful French villa in the Provence where she planned to have a Cor Club retreat in September, together with her friend Melinte. I told her that I really would like to go to that place and she proposed to join their retreat. “Do you really want to have your mum with you? Is this a good idea? What will the other women think about this, especially because your sister Benthe will be there too. Maybe it’s too much a family thing than”. After that we talked it over again and I decided to go.

And it worked out well I can say! The typical Provencal atmosphere which I like so much was really there, the beautiful old house, the garden full of lavender with the great smell. Every morning we started at eight with yoga in the garden, leaded by our lovely Romy from Cornwall. Being silent till noon, which was a good exercise for us all. The breakfast with all the healthy food was delicious!

For me as a traditional psychologist and trauma-therapist I had some doubt at the beginning (isn’t this to spiritual for me?) but I think I succeeded to surrender. Thank  you Sarah for this! 

 I think most of the weekend we were really down to earth working on ourselves and learning to know the others.

Sarah and Melinte created a save space for all of us and every single woman could show her weakness but above all her strong female energy. Meeting all those lovely women gave me such a good feeling and it was really special how we were able to bond in such a short time, sitting in our female circle. There was a lot of crying and a lot of laughter and the singing during the last evening was nice and sometimes hilarious. And we did aesthetic dance of course.

And the rest of the food was also so good! With the help of Benthe, my other lovely daughter, Sarah and Melinte prepared even all the delicious vegan food, which was a great job. 

When I returned to my job the next week I proposed to do more bodywork, mindfulness and meditation with our clients!

Sarah and Melinte thank you so much for this awesome experience and I wish that there will be a lot more Cor Club retreats  for a lot of women!

Barbara, Netherlands

Cor Club for me was nutritious for my belly, warming for my heart and wholesome for my soul. It planted a seed that I have since been returning to and watering and watching it grow and I don't think it would have been possible without Melinte and Sarah there walking alongside me. I'd encourage anyone considering Cor Club to step outside of their comfort zone and see what they might find.

Kristina, U.K.

When my girlfriend went on Sarah and Melinte’s retreat she came back a totally transformed woman: the strongest , funniest and most easy going version of herself. In only just a few days, she managed to let go of the some of the things that usually block her and cause her great sadness. She was truly herself and as light as a feather. The breathing exercises really helped her too connect better to her body and therefore we had very loving and connected sex. I’d really recommend this to any woman who struggles with low self worth or disconnected feelings towards themselves and others. This retreat will help you to clear away your blocks and kick start your journey to becoming who you actually are. We all deserve to be loved and to love with open hearts. Thank you Sarah and Melinte , you’re amazing .

Harry, U.K.

I absolutely loved teaching yoga at Cor Club. It was an honour to participate in the workshops that were so deeply powerful on a psychological, spiritual and energetic level. It can initially be intimidating to share vulnerabilities with new people, but it was incredible how quickly a connection and bond was created within the group. There was no pretence, by sharing our hearts and being honest with each other, we all felt instantly at ease. In fact one of the loveliest things about this weekend was making new friendships with inspiring women, it was a real eye-opener. We created a safe space where we could be completely ourselves and it felt so liberating! Melinte and Sarah guided us through practices that I know for certain created powerful shifts and I released stuff I didn’t even know I had been bottling up. There was one particular breath-focused practice that brought about such a state of complete bliss, it's difficult to put into words - it has to be experienced. Alongside the spiritual work, the simple pleasures of being in nature, eating delicious and wholesome food, and moving our bodies to beautiful music was all so nourishing for the soul. The after-effects of the weekend have been particularly profound: I feel somehow lighter, I’ve noticed I’m more confident in my exchanges with people, I’m better able to discern between which situations serve me and those which don’t, I can quickly recognise negative self-talk and turn it around, and I seem more focused. I feel like these retreats are now mandatory for well-being, to every now and then pull ourselves out of the hustle and reconnect to our deepest, most authentic selves. Thank you Melinte and Sarah for an enjoyable and super healing three days!

Romy, U.K.

This retreat left me feeling exactly how you want to feel after a retreat. I went there without any expectations. Just grateful to go spend some time in serenity in a quite place in Cornwall. Decided last minute to go, and so did two other good friends of mine. I was looking forward catching up with them. The place and friends did make it extra special, but the main thing that left me flabbergasted was all we created together on this retreat. I will not get into details, but I honestly felt like a different human afterwards. Felt stronger and lighter at the same time. In my opinion, the reason for this, was the way the retreat was created along those days. There was a structured planning, but Sarah & Melinte left space for changes, as so that the retreat did flów, exactly how life should be. I am forever grateful for the power I felt amongst all those women, we definitely did create this all together. A strong feeling from within, not to be fooled around with. Ahoooooo!

Evelyn, The Netherlands